Mental Health – Depression.

By Bella P.

It’s not wrong.

Being sad, feeling anxious. Having egotistic thoughts, make incorrect choices. That’s not wrong, that’s… human.

And even if society and people complain about it, we cannot do differently. And why is that? It’s because we’re humans, we have feelings, we cannot throw them away as rubbish and pretend that everything is alright.

We cannot break ourselves down, as fragile, thin glass, that suddenly falls and crashes on the ground, destroying itself in tiny pieces that will be taken away by the autumnal wind.

Human feelings don’t work like that. We’re sad, we get hurt, we cry and despair in anguish, sobbing during the silent and dark nights, covering our mouths in the vain attempt of not making any noises…

That’s exactly how depression works. Empty and lacerated souls, that vainly attempt to reach the light in the darkness of the dreadful night, that sadly fail, and fall apart. They painfully shatter on the ground, disappearing, as the raindrops would do.

And crying doesn’t help anymore – all the tears have been used.

And sleeping doesn’t help anymore, if it is the soul… that is tired.

And when someone reaches the point when he can actually understand the difference between existing and living, that’s when everything changes.

And the difference between those two words, are feelings.

Thanks for all the support! I’ll post once a week, so be ready for next week!

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